1st prize for Best Poster at Euronanomed 3 - Review meeting, Bratislava

Our coordinator Dr Serena Danti University of Pisa – INSTM , and Dr. Carlos Mota from Maastricht University - MERLN joined the Euronanomed 3 - Review meeting Bratislava 2019, 28-29th May 2019. Review meeting offered a platform for seminars of funded projects in Joint Calls 2015, 2016 and 2017 and the Training Workshop on Responsible Research and Innovation. Dr. Carlos Mota was privileged to receive the 1st prize for Best Poster Award with the poster titled “Nano-biofabrication approaches towards manufacturing of human tympanic membrane” on behalf of 4NanoEARDRM team.



Dr. Carlos Domingues Mota from Maastricht University - MERLN and Dr. Serena Danti from University of Pisa - INSTM presented 4NanoEARDRM project with oral presentations at BIONAM 2019 3rd International Conference on Bio and Nanomaterials, September 29 – October 3 , 2019 (https://www.bionam2019.unisa.it/). Bionam2019 attracted the scientists from all over the world.


30th annual conference of the European Society for Biomaterials

30th annual conference of the European Society for Biomaterials was held together with the 26th annual conference of the German Society for Biomaterials (DGBM) from September 9 to 13 in Dresden. The ESB brought material and biotechnology science researchers, as well as clinicians and company representatives, from 41 countries together to provide a synergetic environment for stimulating knowledge exchange and discussions about the latest research topics. Our project partner ENT was represented in the meeting by Dipl.-Ing. Phlipp Kempert with an oral presentation titled "Validation of eardrum replacement scaffolds made from electrospinning". You can reach the presentation from this link.

Innovation for Health conference, Rotterdam


Shivesh Anand, a PhD candidate represented the 4NanoEARDRM team at the Innovation for Health conference, organized at WTC Rotterdam (Netherlands) on February 14, 2019. Based on his poster presentation, he was chosen among the top 10 researchers competing for the prestigious Upcoming Scientist Award. In the final round of pitch presentations, Shivesh highlighted the ingenuity and social impact of our multi-scale biofabrication strategy for manufacturing human tympanic membrane.

3rd MERLN annual PhD Symposium

 Shivesh Anand, a PhD candidate involved in the 4NanoEARDRM project was awarded the first prize for rapid-fire poster presentation at the 3rd MERLN annual PhD Symposium, held in Maastricht (Netherlands) on December 7, 2018. Shivesh presented his work on the nano-biofabrication approaches towards manufacturing of human tympanic membrane, where he highlighted the multi-scale fabrication strategy of combining electrospinning with additive manufacturing.


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